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Post-Conference Workshops HRM Summit 2015 will feature Practical Workshops on 27 October 2015

Workshop - 3: Designing your Retention and Recognition Plans

Sandrine Bardot Founder, The Bardot Group

In times of recovery, global trends show that more and more employees are open to, or actively looking for jobs outside of their companies. Employee retention is now more important than ever. In 2012, SHRM highlighted that organisations with formal recognition and retention programmes experience 51% greater employee retention. Formal employee retention and recognition schemes also play a great role in improving employee engagement, and highly engaged employees are likely to put in 57% more discretionary effort than disengaged employees, leading to higher business performance.

Course Objectives

This master-class will enable you to understand how motivation works, identify the factors influencing engagement and retention, and find out what an Employee Value Proposition can include. Finally, you will leave with insights into practical elements to take into account to ensure a perfect rollout so that your scheme reaches its full potential and provides tangible, positive effects on your company's attrition rate and productivity. The course is structured in 2 main sections :
  1. An overview on employee engagement and retention strategies :
    o Engagement and motivation
    o Factors influencing employee engagement and retention (including GCC specifics)
    o The Employee Value Proposition
  2. Implementation aspects :
    o Enablers,
    o Project support,
    o Elements for design,
    o Communication

Learning Outcomes

Participants will also receive a number of free resources, as well as a workbook covering 3 main steps to initiative work in their own organisation :
  1. Refine your problem
  2. Define and select an approach
  3. Sell the concept to top management

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